Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Southend Film Festival 2013 on 3rd - 6th May. New Ident and an animation show!

The Southend Film Festival 2013 is on this upcoming bank holiday weekend, and for the forth year in a row I have a new animated ident at the front of every film screened! The new animation can be seen above.

This time around I decided to create the full color versions of the animation frames in Fire Alpaca instead of Illustrator, with the painting effects animation done in Photoshop. The background is a piece of salt watercolour texture by Stacey and everything was put together in Flash and Premiere Pro. The animation was inspired by what I hear outside my window every day, seagulls! Annoying little buggers but it wouldn't be Southend without them! They were great fun to animate, and one of them has anime hair and a scar as a joke inspired by watching a livestream with friends of a Korean film with bishonen ducks in it. Yeah, don't ask hahaha.

But that's not all, as due to a last minute cancellation, I have been given a screening slot all of my own! On Monday 6th May in the Laurel & hardy Suite in the Park-Inn Palace I will be presenting a collection of my films as well as a bunch from fellow animators I know including Wonchop, Frobman, Ryan Krzak, Dill Tasker, Kenneth Caffrey, TJ, Jay Townsend and many more! I will be confirming the fill lists of shorts soon, so keep an eye out on my Facebook page for further details.

Much like previous years I will also have a table set up in-between most screenings, so please pop over and have a chat with me and check out my goodies for sale!

If you have never been to the Southend Film festival before and are in the local area why not come down and visit? All films are £4 and there is a great variety of movies, documentaries, special guests and events to check out over the four days. You can purchase tickets at any of the festival locations, check out the website for more info on what's on and where.

UPDATE: Here is the full list of short films that will be shown on my Monday animation screening. The whole show totals at just under 90 minutes.

Aaron Foster's Films 2005-2013

Over Under Sideways Down (2005) - 2:09
The Labbox (2005) - 0:30
Cheese Must Go Down (2005) - 2:05
The Fuji's (2005) - 1:55
JehJeh (2005) - 0:41
MouseTrapp (2006) - 0:30
Traffk (2006) - 1:47
Tron Tribute for Sci-Fi Channel (2006) - 1:00
Rab Rab (2007) - 2:06
The Howdooyoodoo (2007) - 2:33
Lucy Lolly (2008) - 4:31
Lost in the K-Hole segments for BB Entertainment (2009) - 1:25
Cool 2 Chil for Connexions (2009) - 5:12
Jelly Xmas for Jelly London (2010) - 0:40
Southend on Sea Film Festival Idents (2010-2013) - 1:38

Collection of other films by fellow animators:

Dream Builders (2010) by a buncha people - 4:50
Ed B. Low (2010) by Dill Tasker - 2:55
Tibbo (2008) by Frobman - 1:10
The Twits (2007) by Jay Townsend - 3:00
Buggy (2010) by Jay Townsend - 1:25
Jim and his Computer (2008) by TJ - 0:55
Jim Learns Mathematization (2008) by TJ - 1:25
Jim Drinks Tea (2008) by TJ - 1:30
Clouds (2008) by Sam Miller - 2:20
Bort & Clive: Trash (2012) by Ken Caffrey - 1:05
Cats in Space (2010) by Jay Miller - 0:30
Showdown (2012) by Jay Miller - 2:35
Sharktopus (2012) by Ryan Krzak - 3:40
The Quest (2010) by Luke Wholey - 1:55
Date for One (2010) by Ben Smallman - 2:30
Beardyman (2010) by Ben Smallman - 2:00
Rexentful: Restaurant (2012) by Jason Brown - 0:55
Bosco (2011) by Jason Brown - 3:00
Printer vs. Bin (2009) by the Lennox Brothers - 1:15
The Girl and the Sea (2005) - by the Lennox Brothers - 4:45
Eat Raw Meat (2010) by the Lennox Brothers -5:00
Badly Animated (2010) by Ricky Earl - 4:00

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Horror on Sea Film festival 18th-20th Jan

The White Bus have started a new kind of film festival in Southend on Sea, which begins tomorrow and runs over the whole weekend: The Horror-On-Sea festival! As the name suggests it will be 100% horror, with dozens of independent films to check out. The entire event will be taking place at the Park Inn Hotel near the sea front.

It beings tomorrow morning but from the afternoon and for most of Saturday and Sunday I will have a table near the screening room selling my badges, stickers, prints and more, so please pop in if you are in the area and have a chat and check out me stuff! You don't even need a film ticket to visit the Park Inn, just walk in and you will find me near the screening room on the 2nd floor.

Update These are the time I plan to be at the Park Inn:




Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hope you all have a great Christmas and a brilliant new year! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Summary of Art 2012

January - Did some work experience where I animated a short film for them (featured). Sadly it was not used but it was fun to make. Did some other little animations and the odd doodle. 
February - Only the odd doodle and a valentines card art wise (featured). Started the film festival animation near the end of this month.
March - The whole of this month was spent on the film festival animation (featured), which was finished and released right on the last day, haha.
April - Not much this month, other than a birthday card for Stacey (featured) and some daft doodles.
May - Started animating my new logo, but only got so far with it. This was the month of the film festival and the first MCM Expo of the year, so most of the month was spent planning those. I did loads of commissions at MCM (featured), which is really the only art I did this month.
June - Did a few fan arts (featured) and a animation for a company (not yet released), then bit the bullet and bought a Intuos 4 which was a massive improvement on my old tablet, which really upped my motivation to keep drawing almost every day of the rest of the month, including a spot of animation.
July - A commissioned illustration, a small bit of animating, the Adventure Time random crossover generator and more doodling.
August - Another commission, more daft doodles, draw this again meme, and art requests from the winners of a Tumblr giveaway I did (featured). Also finally went back to my logo animation which I stared again from scratch.
September - Finally got the logo animation done and with it a new showreel. Also animated a Dreamcast character (featured) and did a bunch of doodles at the end of the month, mostly birthday gifts.
October - Barely any art this month other than a gift for a friend (featured) as it was another month of planning for the 2nd MCM Expo of the year, with a load of new stock. Did a handful of commissions at the expo.
November - Quite a lot of art this month. Started the monster girl meme (featured, 5 so far), some fan art and a Ages meme for every day of the last week.
December - This month ain’t over yet! A handful of art, including a birthday card for my mum (featured) and a xmas card (coming soon).

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MCM Expo London October 2012

Another three day weekend of sitting at a table at the MCM Expo in the Excel centre, London is over, and this was quite possibly the best yet! Sold a good deal of stuff, especially the one off Adventure Time flipbooks which we sold out of, and did a handful of on the spot commissions (though not as many as in May), plus as always we saw a lot of cool cosplays and got to chat with a bunch of friends that popped by! A whole album of the photos I took can be seen here.

Highlights of the first day of the expo included watching a mob of Doctor Who fans storm over to the Matt Smith signing the moment the expo opened, selling a flipbook to a Finn cosplayer (see above) and someone dressed as Merida from Brave laughing hysterically for several minutes straight at my Homestuck print! Friday was by far the best one yet, possibly because now people can just buy a Friday ticket on it's own now whereas before you needed a whole weekend ticket to go on that day.

On Saturday Stacey wore her Betilla costume and we actually remembered to take our table cloth this time! For this time around we managed to borrow a large display board for behind us to show more of our art and other things, including a copy of that time my animation got in a local newspaper because why not? Best of all we had a celebrity endorsing our table for the entire weekend, how cool is that?

I did three commissions on the Saturday and a further three on the Sunday. The first was this Homestuck cosplayers' characters (above). Other included a Ninja, two My Little Pony characters (one after the other, funnily enough both wanted the same pose as it's a meme apparently and almost the same character even!) and the most fun of all was this one below requested by a friend of mine..

Speaking of mates Thomas Tuke had a table for the first time at MCM in the row just behind us showing off his awesome Genma Visage comics, both in print and the originals!

On the Sunday Stacey had a brand new costume to wear that she made of another Rayman Origins character; Helena Handbasket! The last flipbook sold in the last few moments before closing time, making that experiment a complete success. We had a great time, looking forward to the next when I hope to plan some more new ideas for it! :D

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MCM Expo in London this weekend! New stock!

MCM Expo in the Excel Centre, London is starting this Friday so I've been hurrying all week to get everything ready for the weekend, as this time we have a bunch of brand new stuff to sell you lot! First off, something I've wanted to do ever since we started doing these expo tables...stickers!

There are 22 different designs in total, ranging from characters of mine might know, as others you may have never seen before, as well as popular characters like Sonic and Bomberman and even Andy Murray's majestic floating head! These will be available for just 25p a piece, or five for £1!

New prints! Some designs last time were so popular at 7 X 5 they ran out so this time they are back as bigger 8 X 6 prints! There is also a few new prints in 7 X 5 of Father Jack, Wreck it Ralph and the Internet's webcomic favorite Homestuck! 7 X 5 prints are 50p or 12 for £5 and 8 X 6 are £1 each or 6 for £5.


My partner in crime Stacey also has a ton of new prints, all in 8 X 6, including a set of all six nymphs from Rayman Origins, a Rabbid dressed as Bayonetta and the cast of the classic Mega Drive RPG Shining Force! She will also be selling Christmas cards and new, unique hand painted mini canvases!

Finally we have something completely different and limited to just 20 copies: a flipbook based on this animated GIF I did a while back. This version has an additional 8 new crossovers and are individually shuffled so every book is random. They will be available for this one time run only for £3.

Also we still have the large and small badges, the Lucy Lolly short films DVD, and many more prints. Hope to see you there this weekend at table K-13 in the comic village, just behind Nintendo and BBC's booths!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back at the MCM Expo Comic Village again!

It's that time again! Me and Stacey will have a table at the MCM London Expo Comic Village, taking place on the 26, 27th and 28th of October! We are planning a bunch of new stock this time around (watch this space for more details soon) so don't miss out! By the way bring your kids if you have any as they get in free, and if you pop in for the full weekend on Friday you can meet Doctor Who! How cool is that? Don't forget to visit us after you have queued for him though! :P

Update: We now know that we will be located at table K13, between Space Babe 113 and Fineline Comics.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Animation Showreel's over the years!

All of my Animation showreels from throughout the years, from oldest to newest.
Guff about each one after the break.

Friday, September 14, 2012

New Animation Showreel and Facebook Page!

Been a while since I made one of these, hasn't it? Considering how much stuff I have made since 2009, this has been long overdue that's for sure! There is a fresh new animation of my logo in there and in terms of work about half of what is shown is from this year alone, with the oldest film featured being Lucy Lolly from 2008. This is also up on Vimeo for people that prefer that video site.

In other news there is now a The Gagaman Facebook fan page. If you're a Facebooker make sure to like so you can follow what I get up to, as I'm more likely to update there than here at this point. I don't intend to close this blog anytime soon as it's still handy for when I want to write longer posts, which seem to suit here better than they do on my Tumblr blog.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Lucky Hit: New video game comedy series!

I can finally reveal a project I have been helping out on for some time: Lucky Hit!

It's produced by some mates of mine and you may spot a little bit of animation in the intro that I did (see the first part of the first episode above). I also came up with the name (was previously known as Angry Gamers) and designed the logo. I will be contributing much more to later episodes with more animation and hopefully even some reviews/sketches from myself! Please go like/comment/subscribe!