Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Making of the Sci-Fi Tron thingy

You're probably all getting tired with me yammering on about my latest animation, but now it's online, I can finally un-earth all the making of it, and what not, because I like to share with you guys. This will be the last topic I make about it until I hear anything more about what they are doing with it, with any luck!

First, here's the (very small) amount of research and sketching work I did before making the film. When I first came up with the idea, I was going to show shots of the bikes in full, and even the characters that drive the bikes, but I ended up going with the much more abstract, less obvious (and easier to animate!) coloured lines.

Next is a storyboard, which I never actually finished. I had the whole idea mapped out in my head, and I felt that I should just get straight to the animation.

I actually animated the ending twice, as I think I may of pointed out before. The first one was, the say the least, a bit rubbish. I had the shoe flying into shot, with the paper in the distance. What really ruined this scene was the fact that I animated it in twos instead of ones, like the rest of the film, because this shot was rather tiresome to do, the way I was doing it. Also, the way I had timed the red line driving along the cardboard, it ended up near the end of it long before I wanted it too, so it started fast then slowed down as it got near the card. Also, in this version the line doesn't blow up, and you hear it (in the rough soundtrack) drive off. Here's some screenshots of that first cut.

When I had shown the animation to the studio, and they had given me their useful critique, more flaws shone through. Not only were the timing and angles bad on the previous ending, but the sudden appearance of a shoe in the film didn't make sense, and thered lines fate wasn't really clear, so when I re-animated it second time, as you saw in the final film, I animated my arm pulling the shoe off, setting up the shot, and showed the arm holding the shoe, rather than it appearing to be floating. This time I also had the red line blow up, to wrap it up better. I animated this scene about 20 times before I was satified with it, unlike the previous one which I rushed together. Compare this to the scene on which I based it vaguely on.

This time, they also recommended us all to add intro and end cards of some sort. The first cut did have a end card, but it was just a static image, which I've posted below. I couldn't use this anyway, because it had a link to MY website on it. Bah, it was worth a try! =P

Finally, here's some screen cap comparisons between the original scene in Tron, and the animation. The references are even more obvious when you listen to the animation in relation to this scene.


tronfaq said...

I posted about your animation on my blog, if you care to check it out.

Nice work on the animation! TRON lives on. If only Disney could see that.

Marc Deckter said...

Nice work GagaMan(n)!