Saturday, January 09, 2010

Art Clokey 1921-2010: Photos from Exhibit in 2005

Darn, looks like we've lost another veteran animator, though he had a good innings at 89 and went peacefully according to sources. The guy is one of the biggest names in clay animation, with his first experimental film Gumbaisa winning him a pilot and eventually a long running series of the surreal adventures of this chap to the right of you.

Now being a Brit I wasn't really exposed to his work as a kid like most have been America over the last 50 years: I only actually learned of and saw episodes of Gumby (a character much like our Morph, only Gumby has been around far, far longer.) on a trip to the Moving Image gallery in Queens, New York a few years back. They had an exhibit running of Gumby full of sets and character models as well as screening of some of the films and lots of old merchandise to see. I did write a bit about it right here on this very blog, but only showed you one photo from there. So it only seems fitting to show you the rest of the photos I took. Big times fans of the series who couldn't go to the exhibit might appreciate them at least. Some are a bit shakey though, sorry about that (click to enlarge).

From what little knowledge I have of the Gumby series, I believe all of the sets and models at this exhibit were from the Gumby movie that came out in 1995 (and can be found on Youtube).

On the exhibit they also had a quick demonstration with a guy showing how stop motion animation is done (naturally aimed at kids). The Gumby models they made and used were not quite as slick as the ones above, haha.

And look at all this merchandise! I'm still surprised this never made it over here, unless I'm mistaken and they did show it here once.

and this place even had the costume Eddie Murphy wore for his Gumby parody on Saturday Night Live!

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Barry the Nomad said...

Awesome exhibit! Yeah, Gumby was big in the US during the 50's and 60's and then received an 80's revival thanks to saturday morning reruns. I remember the movie being insanely long (or at least is felt long).

Blockheads rule!