Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Southend Film Festival 2013 on 3rd - 6th May. New Ident and an animation show!

The Southend Film Festival 2013 is on this upcoming bank holiday weekend, and for the forth year in a row I have a new animated ident at the front of every film screened! The new animation can be seen above.

This time around I decided to create the full color versions of the animation frames in Fire Alpaca instead of Illustrator, with the painting effects animation done in Photoshop. The background is a piece of salt watercolour texture by Stacey and everything was put together in Flash and Premiere Pro. The animation was inspired by what I hear outside my window every day, seagulls! Annoying little buggers but it wouldn't be Southend without them! They were great fun to animate, and one of them has anime hair and a scar as a joke inspired by watching a livestream with friends of a Korean film with bishonen ducks in it. Yeah, don't ask hahaha.

But that's not all, as due to a last minute cancellation, I have been given a screening slot all of my own! On Monday 6th May in the Laurel & hardy Suite in the Park-Inn Palace I will be presenting a collection of my films as well as a bunch from fellow animators I know including Wonchop, Frobman, Ryan Krzak, Dill Tasker, Kenneth Caffrey, TJ, Jay Townsend and many more! I will be confirming the fill lists of shorts soon, so keep an eye out on my Facebook page for further details.

Much like previous years I will also have a table set up in-between most screenings, so please pop over and have a chat with me and check out my goodies for sale!

If you have never been to the Southend Film festival before and are in the local area why not come down and visit? All films are £4 and there is a great variety of movies, documentaries, special guests and events to check out over the four days. You can purchase tickets at any of the festival locations, check out the website for more info on what's on and where.

UPDATE: Here is the full list of short films that will be shown on my Monday animation screening. The whole show totals at just under 90 minutes.

Aaron Foster's Films 2005-2013

Over Under Sideways Down (2005) - 2:09
The Labbox (2005) - 0:30
Cheese Must Go Down (2005) - 2:05
The Fuji's (2005) - 1:55
JehJeh (2005) - 0:41
MouseTrapp (2006) - 0:30
Traffk (2006) - 1:47
Tron Tribute for Sci-Fi Channel (2006) - 1:00
Rab Rab (2007) - 2:06
The Howdooyoodoo (2007) - 2:33
Lucy Lolly (2008) - 4:31
Lost in the K-Hole segments for BB Entertainment (2009) - 1:25
Cool 2 Chil for Connexions (2009) - 5:12
Jelly Xmas for Jelly London (2010) - 0:40
Southend on Sea Film Festival Idents (2010-2013) - 1:38

Collection of other films by fellow animators:

Dream Builders (2010) by a buncha people - 4:50
Ed B. Low (2010) by Dill Tasker - 2:55
Tibbo (2008) by Frobman - 1:10
The Twits (2007) by Jay Townsend - 3:00
Buggy (2010) by Jay Townsend - 1:25
Jim and his Computer (2008) by TJ - 0:55
Jim Learns Mathematization (2008) by TJ - 1:25
Jim Drinks Tea (2008) by TJ - 1:30
Clouds (2008) by Sam Miller - 2:20
Bort & Clive: Trash (2012) by Ken Caffrey - 1:05
Cats in Space (2010) by Jay Miller - 0:30
Showdown (2012) by Jay Miller - 2:35
Sharktopus (2012) by Ryan Krzak - 3:40
The Quest (2010) by Luke Wholey - 1:55
Date for One (2010) by Ben Smallman - 2:30
Beardyman (2010) by Ben Smallman - 2:00
Rexentful: Restaurant (2012) by Jason Brown - 0:55
Bosco (2011) by Jason Brown - 3:00
Printer vs. Bin (2009) by the Lennox Brothers - 1:15
The Girl and the Sea (2005) - by the Lennox Brothers - 4:45
Eat Raw Meat (2010) by the Lennox Brothers -5:00
Badly Animated (2010) by Ricky Earl - 4:00

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